Pre-College Programs Courses

Pre-college students can either take a course on campus as a residential participant or an online course with no residential component. Residential students cannot enroll in an online course.

Please check back regularly for updates—additional courses will be added as they become available. Course delivery format (in-person vs. online) is subject to change.

Applications for summer 2024 are now closed. The applications for summer 2025 will open in late fall 2024. Please sign up to receive more information.

Online courses for summer 2024

Course Number Course Title
AFRC 1123 920 Law and Society
ANCH 0102 920 Ancient Rome
ANTH 0120 920 Globalization and its Historical Significance
COML 1191 920 World Literature
ECON 0200 920 Introductory Economics: Macro
EESC 1030 920 Oceanography
MATH 1410 920 Calculus, Part II
MATH 1700 920 Ideas in Mathematics
PPE 1001 920 Introduction to PPE: Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation
PSCI 0400 920 Introduction to International Relations

On-Campus courses for summer 2024

Course Number Course Title
ARTH 2260 920 Hellenistic and Roman Art and Artifact
BIOL 1101 920 Introduction to Biology A
BIOL 1101 921 Introduction to Biology A
CIMS 1020 920 World Film History 1945-Present
ECON 0100 920 Introduction to Microeconomics
HSOC 1120 920 Science, Technology, and War
LING 0001 920 Introduction to Linguistics
MATH 1300 920 Introduction to Calculus
MATH 1400 920 Calculus, Part I
PSYC 0001 920 Introduction to Experimental Psychology